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Ezra Koenig looking hot as fuck at coachella 

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Black Widow Vol. 5 #1-#10 (Phil Noto)

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a show is only as good as its filler episodes

and avatar: the last airbender was on a whole other level


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forest fire.

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my major problem with Frozen is that it is a perfectly passable and average and safe Disney movie and people keep trying to prove that it is amazing and daring and challenging and in doing so keep churning out bombs of secondhand embarrassment like “look there’s some not-white people in the background, we’ve come so far since the 1950s” and “Anna isn’t your typical perfect Disney beauty, she has freckles and eyebrows that are .5% thicker than Rapunzel’s”

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The Interiors of Wes Anderson’ in the latest issue of Apartamento #13

“You could compare Wes Anderson to an interior decorator,”says  Apartamento’s Editor-in-Chief Marco Velardi of today’s enchanting series, taken from the bi-annual title’s latest issue. With the director and screenwriter’s private house strictly off limits, the magazine traces the meticulously considered art of set design in his filmography: miniature brownstone apartments, nostalgic color schemes and embroidered and elaborate costumes. “I always say that a picture of someone’s home tells you a lot more about that person than any portrait possibly can,” muses Nacho Alegre, director and co-founder of Apartamento. “I imagine in a movie the time you have to describe a character is limited, so using the interiors to do so probably becomes something of a necessity.” An intricate visual language has become Anderson’s trademark; in his hands, set design becomes both a storytelling device and character trope, from his shot-on-a-shoestring debut, Bottle Rocket, to his latest saccharine fantasia, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Velardi adds: “Ultimately, if you look at his work there are a lot of interiors, with very peculiar and very precise work on the spaces and what people wear; Wes is passionate about every single detail, and that’s why it’s fascinating for us.”  

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literally what happens

im still fucking laughing at this

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As Jinora grows older, she proves to be the most competent airbender of her siblings. Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan are free like the wind, but Jinora…she is the wind. When she bends its like the monks of the eastern air temple are bending through her and when she breathes its like the western monks breathe with her. 

A preview of my study on Jinora

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infiniteautumnfox asked for 6 & 11, which was Tenzin and Bumi! 

Bumi was such a stellar big brother, at least until Tenzin discovered airbending. 

Send me any combination of numbers 1-40 and ill draw the avatar characters they correspond to. 

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70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet


1. — Find something random to watch on Netflix.
2. — Find somewhere to drink a pint in the sun.
3. — Upload your gifs.
4. — Convert documents.
5. — Download all the free software you…

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this is like the funniest toph moment ever

The first time I saw this episode I thought ‘aha yeah bc Toph’s in a rock tent’

And then I thought about it a second longer and Jesus fuckin Christ Katara

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Concept art for Mulan

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